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Peter Wareing, Video Artist in the Gallery, Internal Environments

Ceilings, Walls, Floors: The Physics of Labor - Four channel projection 2020. View Full Video Here

Peter Wareing (New Zealand) is a London based artist. He graduated from School Of Fine Arts at the University Of Canterbury in Christchurch in 1980. Wareing attend the New York Studio School for Painting, Drawing and Sculpture after receiving a Queen Elisabeth II Study Grant in 1981. In the early 1990’s he started to focus on film. His video work has been screened at festivals and galleries across the US, Europe and New Zealand.

His work address the complex relationship between abrasive adopted 'statuses' enjoyed (or not) by the very human inhabitants working in the worlds of commerce, finance, fine art and elsewhere. In the work highlighted above, Peter Wareing is the Video Artist in the Gallery. Artists (himself included) are cinematically spied on as they navigate their personal, surreal environments, documenting how they occupy and interact with spaces and the armed lens aimed at them. His films are bold self- referential vehicles used to point at us and ask questions about our own environments, internal and external.

The Edges of Dagenham More of Peter Wareing's public catalogue of films Here.


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