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Art Tech Space X Art Handler

Man in grey hoodie holds a picture/painting with a grey hoodie mounted inside. They are the same grey Hoodie. Text on Hoodie reads: Art Handler

Art Tech Space does A LOT for the growing community of UK based Art Handlers. They are dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the Art World, who deliver measurable support to technicians in myriad of ways. Galleries and Museums work with Art Tech Space to advertise jobs, train their staff and commission consultancies. It is the go-to place for both employers of technical staff and Art Handlers themselves. Rooted in a professional desire to contribute, they've built a substantial community driven by better work place securities and stronger connections between all those in the Art World.

We have partnered with them to announce our exclusive fifty percent discount offer on all clothing for Art Handlers who email us Here. If you quote Art Tech Space in the subject line, you'll get a free item with your order.


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